Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I have learned...

I have been crabby all day. 

A friend listened to me, didn't try to fix it, but just held the space for me as the tears fell...
and what do you know my crabbies went away...

I am learning the crabbies are usually just tears in disguise...


  1. Yup. To help is not to fix . . .
    I always tell my kids, sometimes just saying out loud what is bothering us is enough to relieve some of the pain and pressure.

  2. You're blessed to have a friend like that. My husband is an engineer, so he tries to fix things all the time.

    It's so much better to have someone just listen and give you that space.

    Hope you're feeling better : )

  3. So true... mamaste...

    Debbie- Yes... I am feeling much better... :) nothing changed other than I had the space to feel it all and the fears, doubts and sadness washed away... and as for blessed to have a friend like that... ABSOLUTELY and what is even better is I have so many friends like that, there should be a word for it... blissfully blessed or something :). Because that is exactly what I am!!

  4. I like that, "blissfully blessed" :) That you are!

  5. Oh - what a perfect and lovely friend. The rarest gem...
    Someone who gets it.
    What a gift~

  6. Kim ~
    Yes... they are rare gems indeed!

    I find the more you believe in them, nurture them and appreciate them the more they keep showing up and shining beautifully :).