Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Work of a Lifetime...

It must just be that we mortals never really get life all figured out.  The brain may be overachieving and whip-smart, but the soul is a remedial, wayward student, forever forgetting yesterday’s lessons.  I’ve always known that one reason I write is to remind myself to do as I say.  Now, I’m also realizing that I have to keep learning and practicing the same things over and over again — silence, patience, acceptance, faith, gratitude for what is — until slowly, bit by bit, what I know to be true becomes who I am.  To say that it’s a process is an understatement.  

It is, I suppose, the work of a lifetime.

Katrina Kenison

Monday, April 4, 2011

I don't love you someday...

I don’t love you someday…

When you lose 10 pounds

When your house is cleaner

When your teeth are whiter

When you are wearing your best outfit with your new manicure and your roots just right

When you have it all “pulled together”

When you are whatever or wherever it is that you are striving for.

I love you now.

I love you now.

In the midst of your half done to do list

In the midst of your striving to be someone different than who you are at this moment.

In the midst of your valiant efforts to be a “better person” whatever that means.

In the midst of your beautiful, shining, sometimes pulled together, sometimes messy life.

In the midst of your teeth whitening, weight-losing, forever to-do list, whatever else frenzy.

I love you now.

Exactly as you are.

In this moment.

Without anything to change.

I don’t love you someday.

I love you now.