Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Believe in the Power of Your Dreams...

Photo by Desiree Quinlan

Listen to that small voice,
you know the one,
it is insistant,
but in such a gentle way that it can be easy to miss,
especially if you fill your life with noise...
there is fullness, and laughter, and joy that can sing...
but then there is noise...
the stuff that you know deep down you are only doing because you know to listen to your dreams is to make some changes...
and sometimes we will do anything to keep something from changing,
even when it constricts us, makes us small and tired.

I dare you..
make time for your dreams,
listen to them, let them unfold.
Sometimes it is so simple...
a new dress, a little time for you,
a cup of tea each night,
a poem that is waiting to be written,
a picture waiting to be taken,
but sometimes it does require bravery,
it requires courage,
it requires all the power you can muster...
I dare you.
You won't regret it.

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