Saturday, October 2, 2010

Struck by beauty...

Two years ago I was given a camera, one of the best presents I have ever received- since then I have been a bit obsessed.

I have been taking pictures... of the ordinary, of the extraordinary and everything inbetween. And of course there is Facebook to share them on, Shutterfly to put them in beautiful books and Wal-Mart and Walgreens to print them out for a mere 12 cents to adorn my refrigerator door.

But it was more than that. Part of it is that I have been reminded of how fragile life is... people aren't in our lives forever, memories fade, usually faster than we would like them to, and life changes... and unfortunately as much as I cling to the safety of the known and beg life not to change, it just keeps changing. So the next best thing, I want to document it. I want to live my life fully and to have these little reminders of how amazing it truly was/is. To be reminded of the people, places and things that bring such meaning, joy and beauty into my life.

But lately as summer fades into fall I have been obsessed with pictures of the leaves with their vibrant yellows, of the brilliant reds and oranges that seem to be lit on fire in the setting sun.

And I have realized that is why I have continued to be obessesed with taking pictures... I feel like beauty is the footprint, the fingerprint, the mark of the Divine, and I want to capture it, I want to share the beauty that surrounds us at all times... I want people to be able to see what I see through the eyes of love... to be able to say, this is how I see the world... and perhaps that is why I write too... to try to do the same thing... to capture the beauty of love in a little square to pull out and enjoy time and time again.

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  1. Clicked through from Bindu's post, Erica. I love what you right here. Since starting my photo a day project, I'm not only surprised by how much beauty is in the world--and how much I missed--but also by how even what might be considered "ugly" also has its beauty. Thanks for sharing!