Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Letting go and making room...

I have been doing a lot of soul work lately... diggingly deeply with honesty, vulnerability and more than a little trepidation and looking at things that I want to let go of.  And as I list all of the things that I am letting go of and feeling all of the emotions that come along with that tonight it struck me that this should be my journal prompt "What could you make room for?"

And I realized that although I have been looking so intently at grief and loss and what I am letting go of, what I am losing, what I am releasing in focusing on that, I haven't given myself the opportunity to dream... I haven't stopped to think with all of this emptiness in my heart- what could I be making space for...

I am making space for love, for deep connections.
I am making space for the ability to move quickly to meet people where they are at, without having to pack up everything in my heart before I leave to meet them.
I am making space for possibility, for compassion, for light, for grace.

I am making room for light to enter, in the cracks of my certainty, in the crumbling walls of my defenses light and beauty have found their way through.
I am making room for healing.
I am making room for me stepping more fully into myself... into my power, into my own skin.

What are you making space for?

1 comment:

  1. For more tolerance for people with no tolerance.

    Thanks Erica for another thought provoking piece. Words to live by.