Thursday, May 27, 2010


Ready for life to take on a lighter feel.
Ready for the feeling of the sun on my face and the freedom of driving on the open road.
Ready to sit next to a campfire artfully turning the white lump of sugar into a perfectly toasted masterpiece.
Ready to hear the waves gently lap on the shore.
Ready to see the stars light up the evening sky.
Ready to feel summer all the way to my toes.
Ready to breathe deeply.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tiny Miracles

It just occured to me as I was driving home from work, and looking at the beautiful flowers...
what an amazing miracle it is that they slowly unfurl all across the area at the same time.

Cosmic instructions imprinted in this little seed that pushes slowly open to reveal the secrets held within, growing, stretching and bursting forth with energy.

Sharing it's colors, beauty and scent so freely,

we are free to soak it all in and be renewed.

We are surrounded by these tiny miracles...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You just never know...

I wrote this as a response to an experience I had at a recent conference that I attended... just sitting down in front of the computer hoping I had something somewhat interesting or compelling to say.

Then I shared it in a small group during my sharing time...
and the group wanted to have copies...
then the pastor of my church wanted to share it during the sermon...
then she passed it to another group of people...
and all of a sudden something I just jotted down is being passed along...
funny how life works like that...
sometimes it can be just that simple...
sitting down, showing up and letting your heart spill over onto the page...

Called to Love

I believe we all bring something to the table.
I believe that who we are together is better than who we are alone.
I believe in building community.

I believe we are here to support one another,
to love one another,
to hold one another in the midst of darkness
and to dance together in the light of the sun.

I believe that life is full of moments we are called to express God’s love to one another in large ways…
but more importantly I believe we are here to express love in the small, tiny ways that pad our life with comfort, that line the walls of our heart-
often in preparation for the earthquakes that happen when your heart is broken open by loss and grief.

I believe that each moment is a call to love,
the opportunity to live out our faith,
to hold close the ones that we love,
to find ways to love those we would rather hold at arms length
and to continue to stumble along making the most of each day,
each night resting in the arms of God, covered in grace and filled with peace.