Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Chosen Ones...

I went to an amazing retreat/conference/seminar last week that has recharged, renergized and reframed the way that I look at the world, my life and my work.

We all need times like that- to be surrounded, to be filled to the brim, to be revitalized, to remember why it is we are doing the hard work of mending broken souls, of healing hurts and helping to find new paths for our clients.

As a result as a gift to myself and the participants I wrote and shared this poem...

Our time together was a reminder that we all brings so many gifts, and that we all are called to use them! Not to just let them ramble around in our hearts and minds- unseen, unshared and unheard- but to let them spill out onto paper, through our voices and in our touch. It was a reminder to me to share the gifts I have been given, and in turn, frees others to share their gifts as well...

The Chosen Ones

I have touched the edge of your pain.
I have seen the tears hidden behind your eyes.
I feel the tears in the fabric of your heart.
I feel the doubt that rises up from within.

And yet,
I hear the power of your voice.
I see the strength you have to keep showing up.
I feel the vitality that resides deep within you,
the spark of light in the midst of darkness,
the seeds of hope you tend to so carefully.

I want you to know.
I see you.
I will stand with you.
Step into your power.
Trust your heart.
Follow your vision.

Your voice is needed,
to be added to the chorus of the healers who have gathered.

I invite you.
I dare you.

Stand in your truth.
Stand in your power.
Stand strong in your love.
You have been given all the tools you need.
Your journey has come to this point.

Go out:
choose love,
cultivate hope,
offer grace,
speak with compassion
love fiercely.

You have been called,
you are one of the chosen ones.

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  1. Beautiful, you wear your big heart on your sleeve, keep up the wonderful words.