Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What we learn...

It was my grandpa's 90th birthday recently.
And I feel like these three pictures tell his story more than I could.
His love of learning, his zest for life, for figuring things out, always looking up, his love of sharing knowlege and his love for family.
I have learned a lot from him, and I have realized that we have several things in common.
He asks questions about mechanical things and systems of doing things... his life is rooted in the farm, in the building and rebuilding, in the seasons of life as they roll on though. He has never met a stranger, just a friend he hasn't gotten to know quite yet, and often he will start a conversation with a question, believing that someone else has some sort of knowledge to impart that will help him understand the world.
I too ask questions, and although I don't delve in the realm of mechanics and tractors, I ask questions about people, about why they work. After watching for years him help people feel at ease and comfortable in the world I try to do the same.
Always with a sparkle in his eye, a long stride and an ever-ready laugh.
Happy 90th Grandpa!

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