Wednesday, June 22, 2011



There is a gentle power, a subtle shift, a sigh, 
when we surrender.

The time when we are able to release what we believe, what we hold dear, what we are fighting for.

We stand tall in the knowledge that they will remain until we are able to pack them up again.

Surrender to the fatigue, the tiredness, the exhaustion.

Release yourself of the idea that you are the only one, that you are the one that this fight depends on.

Relax into the gentle arms of the one that loves you, of the soft pillows upon your bed, feel yourself gently slip away into the sudsy warm water of a bath.

Let it go.

This is not yours to carry alone.

Stop fighting, stop struggling,

silence the chorus in your head.


Allow yourself the break, or the fatigue will break you.

For the moment just






Find the strength in letting go.

You have permission. 


  1. Amen. I like this. Thank you for the reminder! Miss you Erica!

  2. This should be a reminder every day. Thank you dear Erica for posting this.

  3. Beautiful and exactly what I needed, right now. Love love love to you.

  4. Cher~ I hope that Chicago is treating you well! I miss your smiling face too :).

    Milo~ Yes, surrender has been a theme for me lately... and it has served me well... so much beyond my control, but so much more manageable to surrender to what is rather than wasting all of my energy trying to change it...

    Alana~ So glad to hear it! Your words have been exactly what I needed at the moment as well, I am so glad I can return the favor!