Monday, May 16, 2011

Hopes and wishes...

I wrote this birthday wish for a friend... but after rereading it I realize that it isn't just birthday's that we should share these sentiments and it isn't just "special" occasions that I hope these things for others... it is everyday. 

I hope that today you are simply soaking in all of the love and that you are finding lots of opportunities to laugh, to love and be loved deeply to the core of your being.
You are a bringer of light, a shining gem in the midst of the world... you are a treasure!
I hope you feel all the love that surrounds you today and every day!!!


  1. beautiful words.......and much appreciated!
    thanks, erica.......

  2. Erica, your words here fill me with light and hope. Your beautiful way of expressing some wonderful truths help me remember we are all creatures of the Light and some like yourself are able to communicate that "light" so well in thought and words...thank you!

  3. So beautiful!! Definitely one of the gifts I have received today!!

  4. Thanks Erica for the beautiful thoughts, pictures and words once again, I need this right now. I've been up and down physically and mentally the past month with bronchitis and starting my 2nd dose of Zpack today. I haven't been able to be out and about beside work much so your words of inspiration give me a lift.
    Thanks again for being who you are, a truly loving soul.

    BTW love that picture, hope you can make it back to the Abbey again soon, I'm really looking forward to my July retreat.