Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beginning where you are...

I had not started a blog for a long time because I didn't know what to name it, I pondered that for months, what should be the topic, what do I need to focus on, what do I have to say?

And then I realized after being told time and time again that I needed to do this.

You start where you are.

You can always make it better, in fact it should just keep getting better. I won't be perfect at the beginning- but it will be something.

And something that I learned from my class I took recently at the Loft Literary Center-

Eat the Tots.
Write the book.

You can't call yourself a writer if you don't write.
So here goes... although it isn't a book- it is a glimpse into my eclectic life :).

So I will drop you right into today...
A rally at the State Capital held by the MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault, MN Coalition for Battered Women and others... Powerful, powerful time. And photos coming soon... but one of the poets there shared that he had created a video that I thought was worth sharing...

One of the consistent things that happens every day is I am amazed, awed and inspired by the people, places and love that surrounds us all.
Everything else... well it is pretty eclectic :).


  1. eat the tots? oh please share where that comes from ... or not. It may be enough just to have those three words. Of course, since my grandson is mere 2 yo tot, I couldn't help thinking of that kind of tots at first. LOL!

    But I love the thought of starting where you are ... each day.

  2. :)

    After the class we went out to eat and there we had some amazing Tator Tots. And while chatting one of the guys said, "Eat the Tots, Write the Book" and so that became our catch phrase.

    To me it reminds me to enjoy what is in front of me, and to keep writing :).