Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gentle Spirit...

Butterfly at the MN Zoo- Summer 2010

Something I found from 2004 that I had written... and it spoke to me today...

Within you is the voice of a gentle spirit.
If you listen, it will speak to you of strength
and encourage you with reassurance.
If you trust in it,
it will lead you home.

It’s time, gentle soul,
to wake up and share the beautiful person you are.
You’ve slumbered for a season, hiding yourself from the world.
Now it’s time to show off your colorful wings.
So look within yourself and let your spirit guide you.
Flutter into life-
its embrace waits for you.


  1. Hello Erica,
    I got your card yesterday and i loved the choice of the drawing - it is so delicate, simple and beautiful...
    Thank you for your words and I am glad you liked my work too :)

    Have a blessed week,